How Much Better Than Bouillon Per Cup of Water? Answered!

How Much Better Than Bouillon Per Cup of Water

You’ve finally got yourself a jar of the famous Better than Bouillon to give your dish that extra flavor punch you’re craving. But you’re unsure of what proportion of it you should be using?

How much better than bouillon per cup of water would be perfect?

One teaspoon of Better Than Bouillon is enough for an 8-ounce cup of water. This ratio is mentioned on top of the jar and most people find this to be appropriate. However, you can surely change it according to your preference. Also, you may need more or less depending on the dish you’re making.

Now, what amount of it would suit your taste and help you perfect other dishes?

To find out, read till the very end!

Is it Important to Perfect the Proportion of Better Than Bouillon in a Dish?

Better than Bouillon is a magical jar of delightful flavor. And when you taste it for the first time, you can’t help but agree that it is actually better than bouillon!

Now the ratio that’s mentioned everywhere: 1 teaspoon per 8-ounce cup. Is it applicable for just a cup of broth or all types of dishes?

Most importantly- why is it necessary to use the right amount of it? You may think that the more of it you put the tastier your dish would be.

Well, that’s not exactly true. It is undoubtedly a jar full of out-of-the-world flavors. But it contains a fair amount of salt in it, just like every other bouillon pack available out there.

So, too much of it can make your dish too salty. Again, if you use too little of it, it won’t really make a difference to your dish. 

The right amount of Better than Bouillon is important to fully realize its effect. It’s just like the right amount of finest meat church rub is needed for flavoring pulled pork.

Now don’t sweat it. Because I’m here to guide you on how much of it you need to put in one cup for different types of dishes.

What are you waiting for? Let’s dive in!

How much Better Than Bouillon Per Cup of Water? Do it Right!

The most common way of using Better Than Bouillon is using it for a yummy hot cup of broth. And the 1 teaspoon ratio mentioned on top of the jar kind of suits everybody’s taste.

So it’s safe to say that a single teaspoon of your favorite flavor of Better Than Bouillon is okay for making broth in an 8-ounce cup of water. If you’re worried about your broth getting salty, take a flat teaspoon of it at first. 

It’s good to be careful. Just like you’d be about cooking a ¼ cup of rice. After your first try, you’ll know how much of it suits your taste.

Now, out of all the 24 flavors, chicken-based, beef-based, and vegetable-based are the most popular ones. And people like to use them in different dishes as a flavor enhancer. 

If you’re planning on using Better Than Bouillon for your meat curry or gravy, will a teaspoon of it per cup be enough? 

The meat will absorb a lot of the added flavors, including salt. In that case, the regular one teaspoon per cup ratio might not work.

Instead, try using four teaspoons of Better Than Bouillon for every 2 cups of water. Use the broth in small amounts throughout the process of cooking your gravy. 

To avoid making your curry or gravy too salty, taste your dish after you’re done adding your Better Than Bouillon. Then add salt according to your liking.

If you add salt beforehand, you won’t be able to use your Better Than Bouillon as much as you want or get the flavor you’re expecting. You’d constantly be worrying about your dish becoming salty.

If your gravy accidentally becomes too salty, it’d be a whole new mission trying to bring down the saltiness. Like trying to thin out super-thick queso.

Although this brand has a separate range of gravy jars, nothing beats their chicken-based Better than Bouillon. And for someone who absolutely loves it, I totally understand the temptation of wanting to use it in all kinds of dishes. 

Also, it’s quite normal for bouillon packs to have salt in them. They’re seasonings after all. And you surely can’t season something without salt.

Now, how much of your favorite Better Than Bouillon should you use when you want just the aroma of it. Like if you want your rice to give away that amazing umami of flavor, but not exactly taste like soup?

In that case, use only half a teaspoon of Better Than bouillon per cup of water. That won’t make your rice taste strongly like chicken or beef broth but will surely make a difference.

You might be wondering if bouillon cubes are salty. Even if you do want a strong flavor of chicken in your plain rice, you surely don’t want it to be salty.

In the case of directly using Better Than Bouillon paste to pack your meatballs or cutlet with some extra flavors, try following the ratio of 1 teaspoon Better Than Bouillon paste in ½ a kg of ground meat.

Here are some of the best meat grinders in case you’re looking for one.

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With these, you can grind your meat with ease and get the best results.

And that’s all! Now you’ll be able to use your Better Than Bouillon in different dishes like a pro!


How many servings do I get in one jar of Better Than Bouillon?

Considering 1 teaspoon as 1 serving, one jar contains about 38 servings.

Is it normal that my Better Than Bouillon is darkening over time?

Yes it’s very normal for your Better Than Bouillon to darken over time. That’s  because it contains different natural elements like meat, vegetables, etc.

Should I freeze my Better Than Bouillon?

Answer: Absolutely not! Store your jar in the normal fridge after opening it. 

Final Thoughts

After this long analysis on how much Better than Bouillon per cup of water is ideal, I hope you’re somewhat clear about the matter.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll be able to confidently use Better Than Bouillon to make amazing dishes and impress your loved ones.

Now stop hesitating and start making your meals super-tasty with your favorite Better Than Bouillon flavor!

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