What Temp Does Butcher Paper Burn?[Explained]

If you’re smoking meat in your backyard, you must be well acquainted with butcher paper. Working with butcher paper is quite easy until you burn it down. This can be a great issue if you aren’t aware of the maximum temperature it can withstand.

But you don’t have to be concerned about this anymore. We’ve come here to enlighten you on this!

What temp does butcher paper burn?

In general, butcher paper retains a flashpoint near 580 degrees Fahrenheit. Though you can use it for wrapping meat, the sheet also has the tendency to catch fire. Due to that, it is best not to buy low-quality paper. Make sure to get a certified and food-safe butcher paper that is safe for cooking and affordable.

Now, to save yourself the bother of burning butcher paper, you must know in-depth. And we’ve got a whole guide on this waiting for you.

So put on your apron and turn on the smoker. This is going to be smoky!

Heat Tolerance of a Butcher Paper

Now we get that butcher papers can take a lot of heat. But that doesn’t mean they are invincible to fire! After a certain temperature, butcher papers can catch flame. 

Normally, superior butcher papers work within the range of 400-500 degrees of Fahrenheit. Beyond this limit, your butcher papers can get deep-fried.

People use butcher paper for different purposes. If you’re barbecuing the meat, you’re more likely to wrap a pink butcher paper around the meat. And this works at a temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit. You will get a fine pink brisket as well!

In the case of peach paper, the equation is a little different. Peach papers can not be used for grilling, in fact, they can’t even be put under indirect heat. Because even a little amount of heat can burn down the paper instantly.

But there’s a catch- you can use peach paper if you gently wrap it around the meat and cook it in a smoker. In this case, the paper will take up the moisture and help in desiccation enough to keep the paper working.

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Things That Affect Butcher Paper’s Heat Tolerance

What is the secret recipe that makes your firefighters strong? Well, there are some factors that make it so strong.

Like we’ve mentioned earlier, butcher papers can take up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit heat. But this value can change depending on certain factors. We’ve discussed some of them below.

Born to Block

There is no secret recipe. The butcher paper is made to block any temperatures from cold to hot. 

These papers are made from paper pulp. This creates strong fiber bonds in butcher paper. Stronger bonds need a higher temperature. So, butcher papers take down a huge amount of warmth before getting busted. 

If your paper is more fibrous with higher bonds, it’ll be able to withstand greater flame. Measuring the temperature with a good quality thermometer will give you a high score then!

Thick Layers

Butcher papers contain thick layers. Thus they can contain excessive heat too. Plus, it prevents moisture from fading. So you can keep your food moist and crispy!

Now if your butcher paper has thick layers, it’s more likely to be stronger than normal ones. And this will allow the papers to withstand higher flames.

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Where Can I Use Butcher Papers?

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The heavy thermal capacity of butcher paper made it the rising star of the meat wrapping. Butcher papers can be used in many places. We’ve discussed some of those below-

Will Butcher Paper Get Deep-Fried in The Oven?

Relax! They won’t. You can use them in microwaves. 

Butcher papers can easily take the heat of your oven. For that, Butcher papers are very strong.

What’s the moral? Use Butcher papers for the oven without a worry!

How About a Barbeque Party?

Butcher is the talk of the town of barbeque. They are highly used for grilling. 

One of the features of butcher paper is, it can hold moisture. Apart from temp defense, it can keep your barbeque juicy and tender. 

If you maintain a temperature of 165 degrees during cooking, butcher paper will keep the meat moist. Also, this will fasten the cooking process.

Ever Heard of Brisket?

You can wrap brisket with butcher paper. While wrapping, keep the temperature around 400 degrees. More heat than that might spoil the taste of brisket. 

You can get the right moist and perfect color of the brisket if you use butcher paper.

Butcher paper preserves the moisture and heat of the food, ensuring the desired juiciness of the meal.

What’s in The Bag?

Cooking in a sack is one of the famous ways. Normally, people use foils for this. Butcher papers can be used as well. 

So, why don’t you put that reasoning over the butcher paper pouch? You can cook seafood too!

This was everything we had in our sleeves. 

6 Different Types Of Butcher Paper 

Butcher paper is used to wrap and preserve raw meats and fish from flavor contamination and pollutants in the air.

The butcher sheet is also handy for packaging sandwiches and other foods. In addition, it comes in a range of colors and sizes to meet the demands of any purpose.

Here are a few types of butcher paper. 

1. Pink Butcher Paper (Peach Butcher Paper) 

This butcher paper comes in a variety of colors, varying from slightly tan to dark pink, and it is great for hiding blood and juice stains from raw meats.

This butcher paper is robust enough to deter leaks and enable the packaged food to breathe, which keeps it from becoming soggy.

Pink butcher paper is perfect for smoking meats as it allows the aromatic smoke to penetrate and protects it from pollutants simultaneously. 

2. White Butcher Paper

White butcher paper is FDA certified, uncoated, and ideal for wrapping sandwiches, meats, and other items.

In addition to that, you can also use it as a tablecloth for arts and crafts training. As it allows smoke to pass through and does not catch moisture, this breathable butcher paper is perfect to wrap meats prior to smoking. 

3. Peach Treated Butcher Paper 

Peach-treated paper resembles the usual pink butcher paper, but it differs in one significant way.

This peach-treated butcher paper contains a sizing element that helps to keep meats fresh while storing.

This paper enables enough oxygen to enter the food, ensuring that it remains fresh and retains its vibrant color. 

4. Gardenia Paper

Here is another high-performance and premium paper that provides incredible moisture resistance and protection.

Gardenia paper is often chosen over plastic packaging because it avoids oil or juice leakage.

In addition to that, it is permeable to deter sogginess. This paper has a distinct tint that goes well with fresh seafood and poultry.

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5. Freezer Paper

Freezer paper is not a butcher sheet entirely, but it is relatively similar. This paper has a specific coating on one side that preserves foods while stored in the freezer.

There is a thick paper on one side and coated moisture obstacle on another side, making it ideal for protecting meats. 

In order to help you memorize the freezing duration, you can write dates and names on the paper side. Freezer paper comes in a variety of protection lengths.

For instance, some sheets can be used effectively from 3 to 6 months, while others from 6 to 9 months and 9 to 15 months. 

6. Steak Paper

Steak paper is typically utilized to store pork and beef. However, it also works well as a background in butcher cabinets to show any types of meats.

Wrapping the meat in steak paper helps avoid juice leaks and reduces color loss. Because of that, it enables you to serve a clean-looking and fresh product.

Steak paper is accessible in different sizes and colors (green, white, peach, and black). 

Butcher Paper Vs. Aluminum Foil 

Here is a brief comparison between butcher paper and aluminum foil. The butcher sheet is made of food-grade wood pulp, and the premium quality paper is peach-colored. Though it can consume moisture, it is still less than untreated paper. The pink butcher sheet is ideal to be used up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Aluminum foil is a common product used for smoking, grilling, and barbecue foods. It has a relatively high burn temperature (1220 degrees Fahrenheit) and is incredible for wrapping different shaped meats.

Be careful as the tiny aluminum particles can mix into the food when the temperature rises. But, science explains that it is nothing to be concerned about in the case of limited particles. 

Can You Put Butcher Paper In The Oven? 

The short answer is yes, and the butcher paper can be used in the oven. You can use butcher sheets in the oven due to their incredible ability to resist heat and durable strength.

As you know that butcher paper can be used to wrap meats and preserve other foods, some of you might be in a dilemma of whether the sheet is oven-safe.

This paper is often referred to as heavy-duty paper by several people. As a result, you can use it to wrap meat when grilling or barbecuing. 

The strength of this butcher paper comes from its low lignin, caustic soda, and sulfide combination content. All of these elements work together to provide the butcher paper with enough resilience to survive the heat in the oven while still preserving food. 

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Can You Cook Meat With Butcher Paper?

Some people have been speculating if butcher papers are safe for grilling meat. Yes, the butcher sheet is ideal for cooking meat. If you cook food on these papers, it is relatively advantageous in terms of your health and nutrition gained from the food. 

In general, butcher papers include less steam and are moderately breathable, which is quite different from several other papers. Because of that, the butcher sheet can maintain the moisture and juice in the meat for such a long time. 

Butcher papers are the best solution for you if you enjoy a crunchy and crispy meat flavor. So, are you wondering about the best way to cook meat on a butcher sheet? In order to make it easy for you, we have listed brief instructions you can interpret to cook meat on butcher paper. 

Step 1: Lay a sheet of butcher paper and put the meat on it. Then overlap the meat with one more butcher sheet. 

Step 2: Now crumple the top, bottom, and edges of the butcher paper together as tightly as possible.

Step 3: After you have finished folding, you may start putting some flames on. 

Step 4: After the preferred cooking time or when the meat reaches a specific temperature, you can take it out of the paper. 

Step 5: Serve it on a plate and consume it. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you use white butcher paper in a smoker? 

Yes. The white butcher paper is FDA approved, uncoated, and is a great choice to wrap meat, sub, sandwich, and more. It is a breathable paper and can be utilized to drape meats prior to smoking as it enables the smoke in but would not trap moisture. 

Is it better to wrap meat in butcher paper? 

Yes. It is better to wrap meat in a butcher sheet when the food has an internal temperature between 160 and 170 degrees. However, it is a bit hard to use butcher paper for wrapping hot meat pieces such as pork shoulder or brisket compared to wrapping them in foil. 

Can I use freezer paper on the smoker? 

In general, freezer paper is silicone treated along with different chemicals in order to boost the strength of the paper when it becomes moist. Because of that, make sure not to utilize freezer paper on the smoker as the chemicals tend to leak when the temperature rises. 

Is butcher paper resistant to heat? 

Yes. The butcher sheet has the potential to resist high temperatures to some extent. Due to that, several people have begun using this sheet for cooking various dishes. Because of its heat resistance, you can use it for smoking meats too. However, be cautious as butcher paper is not totally prone to fire and can catch on fire if the temperature exceeds the limit. 

Can I write on butcher paper?

You can write on butcher paper. However, you can only write at the outer part of the paper. Pen, pencils, markers, anything you can use to write.

Are butcher paper and bake paper the same?

No. They are not the same. Bake papers are used for baking, which is a high-temperature process. Butcher papers are heavy-duty heat resistors but they withstand very high temperatures. 

Which butcher papers are wrapped with sizing?

Except for pink, white, winder rolls, all butcher papers are coated with sizing. Sizing provides support for wet situations and prevents leakage.


There you go. Now you know at what temp does butcher paper burn. Hope you can use butcher paper carefully and cook elite cuisines like ratatouille.

We shall take leave then. Stay safe.

Let’s see how Ramsay stops you from being master-chef!

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